Technology - Systems - Services. GreenHawk's capabilities extend across multiple industries worldwide. Within each target market, industry sector or business unit, GreenHawk's intellectual property, service expertise and proprietary products offer solutions to unique and complex challenges within the commercial and government marketplaces on a global scale. GreenHawk products and services include:

  • Workforce base camps
  • Disaster response villages
  • Structures, shelter & housing
  • Crisis communication stations
  • Data information systems
  • Mobile information centers
  • Homes, abodes, dwellings
  • Portable power pods
  • Water & sanitation systems
  • Off-grid communications
  • Site maintenance & camp management

Energy Logistics

GreenHawk Logistics specializes in base camps for independent energy producers including oil, gas, pipeline and mining operations. The camp complexes include housing, portable utilities and remote operations. The base camp process involves set-up, site maintenance, facility management, break-down and transport to the next drilling or exploration site. Our commitment to excellence takes more than competitive technologies to succeed, it demands consistency of execution, precise budgets and superior relationship management and customer support.

Information Technology

GreenHawk Technology provides a full range of IT services including secure remote systems management, VPN, WAN and private cloud based WiFi networking. As a Managed Service Provider, GreenHawk Technology offers our clients 24-7-365 network, server and PC management along with network design consulting. These core offerings make GreenHawk Technology an ideal partner for companies who track and manage large volumes of data utilizing our proprietary platform, LifePrint™. As a Data Information Manager, LifePrint™ requires reliability, innovation, data warehousing and robust remote systems management.

Building Systems

GreenHawk Building Systems are designed and engineered by an international team of seasoned experts. The GreenHawk product line includes shelters, structures and housing units that take advantage of features like day lighting, stainless steel cabinets, high insulation values, fireproofing, quality components and next generation technologies; standard models and custom configurations available. Our Building Systems Team delivers a superior structure and living experience while remaining competitive with the cost of standard construction methods.

Disaster Management

GreenHawk Disaster Management offers products, services, education & training for each phase of Emergency & Disaster Management – mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, reconstruction. GreenHawk provides pre-positioned inventory for states or governments worldwide, relief-aid organizations, first responders, insurance and construction companies focused on recovery and re-construction. Our DRVs are deployed within 48 hours of a disaster and include shelter, portable utilities, remote communications and survival supplies.

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