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  1. Agribusiness

  2. Sustainable Technologies

  3. Energy

  4. Building Systems & Structures

  5. Infrastructure Support

  6. Natural Resources

  7. Real Estate

  8. Response & Remediation

  9. Environmental


GreenHawk's investment approach is to structure each funding initiative within a portfolio of carefully selected complimentary companies, each individually dedicated to innovation, contribution and the GreenHawk process - an Integrated Whole.

We believe that effective and purposeful partnership is built upon the satisfaction of mutual needs and shared culture, vision, and core values. We seek to identify strong mature companies that have established valuable market goodwill, industry-leading work product and/or service delivery, within economically resilient industries and market sectors that promise strong growth and profitable returns.

In addition, GreenHawk generally does not seek to change a company's brand, culture, or business practices, but rather, we seek to broaden our Portfolio Partner's market reach and growth opportunities. We achieve this broadened product and/or service scope through contributory integration among Portfolio Partners who provide cooperative cross-selling opportunities among the members and the deployment of our market-relevant technologies within the group. In this way, GreenHawk re-purposes and re-repositions our Portfolio Partners for profitable growth opportunities that would not exist without their membership in the GreenHawk portfolio management philosophy.

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The GreenHawk portfolio of companies is diverse, yet targeted. Each company individually adds direct as well as intrinsic value to the overall organization. The portfolio is comprised of majority and minority equity interests in emerging companies within high growth industries and wholly owned subsidiaries.

Finally, at times, an unincorporated joint venture is the best, most appropriate choice for mutual benefit. GreenHawk’s structure seamlessly allows these joint ventures to be easily formed per project or per market discipline and can be refined down to specific geography. The results are profitable joint ventures that are sound, solid and collaborative.

The overall GreenHawk structure is rather simple and straightforward. GreenHawk creates an ecosystem of success for entities and technologies to collaborate in a symbiotic manner through the implementation of a portfolio management philosophy – the integrated whole.

The GreenHawk Integrated Whole is the effective integration of an individual portfolio initiative with the view that each contributes to and receives value from the others. From a similar but different perspective one can view each portfolio initiative as overlapping with the others in a manner that contributes to each initiative and the organization as a whole.

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GreenHawk's flagship technologies are concentrated in the environmental sector and grounded in our extensive Intellectual Property Portfolio.

GreenHawk Environmental, a wholly owned subsidiary, offers innovative solutions in the areas of brownfield re-development, environmental solutions and sustainable technologies.

Additionally, GreenHawk's proprietary technologies are deployed within participating portfolio partner companies and joint venture relationships to create broader growth opportunities and added value. Our Tech Portfolio includes patents, proprietary processes, trade secrets, copyrighted, registered and trademarked products, services, brands and technologies.

GreenHawk's Technologies are positioned within these industries:

  • Agribusiness
  • Energy & Environmental
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Natural Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Response & Remediation
  • Building Systems & Structures

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Who is GreenHawk?

GreenHawk is a business development company focused on the creation and implementation of growth opportunities within and between its portfolio partners. Long-term value is enhanced through the commercialization of GreenHawk’s innovative technologies that serve fast growing industries with high profit returns.

Solutions that Soar™ ...
... is the integrated whole of innovation, contribution and process.


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